Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clinisoothe really that good?

Yes. Clinisoothe has already been used in hundreds of thousands of tattoo and micropigmentation applications and we have received nothing but praise for it – and expressions of amazement.

What makes Clinisoothe so different from other tattoo products that claim to do the same things?

Clinisoothe is unlike any other tattoo chemistry. Its delivery of antimicrobial protection with complete skin compatibility soothes and calms, and provides an optimum environment in which the skin can recover rapidly.

How should Clinisoothe be used?

For best results Clinisoothe should be applied before, during and after the tattoo or micropigmentation process. To eliminate the chance of cross contamination, use a new bottle for each client.
1) Use it to cleanse the skin before you start your work
2) Use it instead of green soap during the tattooing process
3) Give the remainder of the bottle to your client for them to continue applying it as an aftercare once they have left the studio. Replace cap after use.

Do I need to use anything else with Clinisoothe in the studio?

No, Clinisoothe provides the correct level of effective cleansing and antimicrobial protection to suit all tattooing, micropigmentation and microblading procedures. If you use anything else with Clinisoothe during the process you will be undermining its effectiveness.

Do I need to use anything else with Clinisoothe as an aftercare?

Continue to apply Clinisoothe frequently after your tattoo until the skin is fully recovered. The more frequently it is applied the less down-time will be experienced. After the skin has recovered you may wish to apply a neutral moisturiser.

What applications can Clinisoothe be used in?

Clinisoothe can be used in all tattooing, micropigmentation, and microblading applications whether on large scale body art or cosmetic applications such as eyebrows, lips, or scar concealment – or pre and post skin needling treatments. Clinisoothe provides a clean and safe environment every time you work on the skin.

How safe is Clinisoothe?

Clinisoothe is totally safe. It has been dermatologically tested and proven to cleanse and provide effective protection without causing any irritation or chemical burden to the skin.

Where has Clinisoothe been all my life?

In development… literally. The discovery of the skin cleansing technology that underpins Clinisoothe was first published in the British Medical Journal in 1915. Since then, the medical profession has been trying to perfect this natural yet highly effective and skin safe solution.
Clinical Health Technologies achieved this in 2015 and our skin care products are now used in a wide range of healthcare applications. If you’re holding a bottle of Clinisoothe while reading this, you’re holding history!

Does Clinisoothe contain bleach or chlorine?

No, Clinisoothe contains only a unique hypochlorous solution, which, although it smells like chlorine, has completely different characteristics which make it totally skin safe – and even non-irritant to eyes. The smell dissipates once Clinisoothe has dried.

What else do I need to know?

Nothing… other than the fact that Clinisoothe will bring out the best in your artwork, and will DRAMATICALLY improve your client’s experience in studio and during recovery.